Helpful Tips for Vegans

  • What can I eat when I go out to restaurants?

Eating out can sometimes be a challenge for a vegan, depending on the type of restaurant/place you go to. To avoid having everyone wait on you while you read everything on the menu before ordering your food, try and do your research before you go out to eat. Get the name on the restaurant you are going to and look up their menu online so that you know what you can order when you get there. If the place you are going to has absolutely no vegan options, such as a BBQ restaurant, but you still want/have to go, then eat a hardy plant based meal before you go so that you are not hungry when you get to the restaurant. If you are not embarrassed, then you can always bring your vegan meal with you into the restaurant and eat it their with the rest of your family or friends.

  • What can I do when no one supports my veganism?

There is nothing worse than doing something that means a lot to you and having no moral support to help you through the process. Remember to always stick to what you believe in, no matter what anybody says about it. You are becoming a vegan to better yourself and the planet and no one should tear you down for that. If you do, however, get teased about your new lifestyle diet, try and educate them on why you are doing this, but never start a fight over it, no matter how frustrated you may get. If your friends or family do not support you and you would like to have some vegan friends, then try joining a vegan support group, in order to stay motivated and on track.

  • Replace some of these animal product foods with these plant based foods:

Cheese = Nutritional Yeast

Dairy Milk = Soy Milk

Eggs = Tofu Scramble

Butter = Earth Balance (vegan butter)

Mayonnaise = Vegenaise

Honey = Maple Syrup

Sugar = Coconut Sugar

Ice Cream = Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Ice Cream

  • The transition to veganism told by a future vegan:

Jeanette Garcia, a high school student who will be attending UNT next year, said she is slowly transitioning to becoming a plant based vegan because she still eats a little bit of meat and dairy in her diet. “I want to fully eat like a vegan for my New Year’s resolution because I had a health scare not too long ago,” Garcia said. “I went to the doctor’s and they told me that I was pre-diabetic because I am obese, but I still have a chance to reverse it by eating better and exercising and I can do that by going vegan. I think eating vegan will definitely help me to lose weight and be healthier, so now I’m looking up all these vegan recipes that I can make.” Garcia said that her mother is not doing much to help her because she still makes a lot of greasy Mexican food with fajitas, cheese and tortillas with a lot of butter on them. However, her brother is the complete opposite and helps Garcia stay on track and not give into the Mexican food. Garcia said she can’t wait for her new journey to begin.


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